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The West Wing Iconathon ...

... iconing every single TWW episode.

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about ...

welcome to The West Wing Iconathon, a weekly "The West Wing" icontest inspired by frakkintoasters! our goal is to icon each episode of "The West Wing" in order! each week, you will be provided with new caps from an episode and the community will run until we have gone from the first to the final episode!

you can enter at any given point in time, but you have to be a member to be able to post.

rules ...

only use the provided caps for each challenge unless otherwise instructed. there will be 10 screencaps for each episode.

text, brushes and textures are allowed, but NO animation.

you may enter up to 3 icons per challenge.

icons will be posted anonymously in a screened post.

icons have to be new, made specifically for this challenge and must be standard lj size (jpg, png, or gif, under 40kb and 100x100 pixels or smaller) and should be posted in the following format:


vote for the top three icons in order of preference. your first vote will receive 3 points, the second vote 2 points and the third vote 1 point.

please don't vote for yourself, or ask one of your friends to come vote for you.

when ...

screencaps will be posted on sundays.

you have until friday night (UTC+1) to post your icons.

voting will start either friday night or saturday morning (depends on when i get around to post all the icons) and end on sunday (you'll have more than 24 hours to vote).

credit ...

screencaps from the west wing collection

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